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As a well-seasoned, licensed professional counselor, in the state of Colorado I absolutely loved the opportunity to become trained to be part of the skylight psychedelics network of licensed providers. Working with Dr. Dana and her incredibly professional, knowledgeable and efficient team was a seamless experience from start to finish. The online training course was engaging and incredibly easy to learn from and complete. The content is very timely and written in a way that is easily understandable yet thorough enough for me to feel comfortable now caring for my clients who are undergoing ketamine Treatment. I would highly recommend this course as a way to more fully care for your clients, learn something new and engaging and increase your practice revenues.

Erik Vienneau-Evergreen, CO

Loved the training!

I loved it. The information, all the description and almost translation of what things meant was very helpful, for those of us that are not medical doctors. I am a visual learner for the most part, and this training allowed for me to imagine my “how” and “What” I would need to incorporate in my own therapeutic style.

Sue Henriquez, LCSW

California psychologist checking in:

Skylight Psychedelics seems like a great addition to my private practice. I’m eagerly anticipating getting to work with my first new patient with you all. I’ve been delivering KAP for about three years — and even so, the certification course gave me some very nice additional information.

Douglas Caine, Psy.D, LAADC

Great Course!

I completed the training course developed by Skylight Psychedelics and found it to be incredibly informative, clear, and concise. It was a great way to learn about protocols for Ketamine Assisted Therapy.  Had a first session with a new patient. Went really well. Very satisfying to do this type of work.

Eric Leventhal, LCSW